On-Demand Vision Improvement
in Patients with Presbyopia


MicroLine is our proprietary pilocarpine formulation and candidate for the episodic treatment of presbyopia. We plan to begin our VISION Phase III study in 2020.

Pilocarpine has been demonstrated to constrict the pupil of the eye and create a “pinhole” effect, which like a pinhole camera, works to bring near and medium-distance objects into focus. This pinhole approach has been used in contact lenses and surgical approaches for presbyopia to improve near vision in patients with presbyopia, and now with MicroLine, Eyenovia looks towards improving near vision with it’s microdosed drug.

Professor holding eyeglasses and gesturing in lecture hall

How The Pinhole Effect Focuses Light

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Learn more about our VISION Study

We plan to begin and complete our VISION study in 2020. We believe the study will open a new treatment paradigm for those who have presbyopia and provide eye care practitioners with a new treatment for improving their patients’ quality of life.

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